Holiday in Ujung Genteng Beach, Sukabumi

Yap! It so happened that there was a duty coursework must upload any 5 posts, and one that I want to upload is about my vacation with my friends today I want to tell in my blog.

Okay on with it, long story short. My college friends (Ade, Senny, Pato, Daus, Bayu and Adnan) already have plans of far-away days to refresh our brains had only filled with the name of TASK, TASKS AND DUTIES. Then came the earlier date we have set for our vacation, yap 2nd november 2012, precisely on Friday. Friday was the day we actually exist laboratory morning at 08:30 to 11:00, so we decided to leave at 17.00.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that we would vacation to Sukabumi and Ujung Genteng. Departing from Jakarta to use private cars (Bayu), when she arrived at our overnight Sukabumi first home Daus, the house is only occupied by his uncle.

And right at 00.00, we (I, Senny, Pato, Daus) made ​​a surprise for our friends that Ade. Yes the time November 3, Ade was a 21st birthday. At that time alone Ade already deep sleep, hard to wake up. And finally, Ade could wake up and blow candles while praying.

Make a wish

Make a wish

Happy birthday, Ade

Happy birthday, Ade

Long story short, morning we travel further to get to the Ujung Genteng, precisely the beach Ujung Genteng. We left at 06.00, a trip to Ujung Genteng extremely exhausting, requiring substantial time, about our trip from Sukabumi Daus rather than the house takes approximately 5 to 6 hours. Travel to the location of the coil.

Arriving at 12.00 we arrived at our destination location, the Ujung Genteng. Yeaaay, finally arrived after so long it takes a very long time we finally arrived. It was nice, the beach is our goal that we want to see it turned out beautifully. We stayed at an inn called Pondok Hexa.

Journey to Ujung Genteng

For info only, if the actual trip to Bekasi from Ujung Genteng takes approximately 8 to 9 hours, and even then if it is not bad, if you get jammed up to 10 hours.

Our vacation was going to end, right on Sunday we headed Bekasi, especially for my return to Jakarta and will continue our work as freshmen and sophomores to college as before.


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