Raisa Musical Note

Exact date of 13 November 2012 I got a shipment Direct Message on one social network, namely Twitter. For some reason it feels weird, rarely Direct Message sudden entry if it does not matter. Okay I was attempting to open it via SmartPhone and I was shocked to know the contents of the Direct Message. After I read it, I told my closest friends, and they were equally terkerjutnya to me after reading the message.

Almost forgot, if the Direct Message from @ Samsung_ID the contents ” Selamat ya! Kamu terpilih menjadi salah satu yang beruntung untuk dating & menyaksikan behind the scene v-clip terbaru dari Raisa!”. How I was not surprised to read it, because one of my hopes is to meet my idol who is a singer, he was named Raisa Andriana. I really idolized since the song into 2 entitled “Apalah Arti Menunggu” which is booming.

Why can I win? I also do not know why I can be chosen from the many participants who follow the quiz, vote most likely because it was from the photos I uploaded on the site raisamusicalnote.com. Quiz on hold by Samsung and its own team of Raisa. Quiz named Raisa Musical Note.

About 3 hours later I was on the phone by the Samsung, if tomorrow (14 November 2012) I will be picked up to go to the Kepulauan Seribu. Well that’s where the latest video clip from Raisa made.

Arriving there, I still can not believe I saw my idol in person, although it has been seen directly while he was on stage, but if this one feels different, there is a happy, moved directly be given the opportunity to see the latest video clip from the making of the idol, and this a very rare opportunity.

And this is my photos with Raisa and another winner.


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