Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 (Pertemuan 1)

Create 10 sentences, it contains 2 elements of sentences Simple Present and Present Progressive

1. Mother usually ride a bike to the market, but now she’s riding a motorcycle

2. Dian always eat a sandwich for lunch but this afternoon he eats bread

3. Dina teaches English every day but today she will teach Math

4. I’m cooking fried rice when she calls me

5. Rima usually sat in the front row in class but today she sat in the back row

6. I usually clean the bed brother but today mothers clean bed

7. I’m watching TV when dewi comes

8. Mom is cooking when I come home from college

9. My Sister usually drinks white coffee but today she’s drinking black coffee

10. i buy 3 books today and i see Dina is also buying 3 books


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