Tugas 4 – Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2


NPM : 24109400

Lat. 1 page 94 no. 3 – 21

3. Could you please Φ open the window?

4. The students must Φ learn all of the irregular verbs.

5. Sally has to do here history report tonight.

6. I think you should Φ take better care of yourself.

7. I ought to go to the post office this afternoon.

8. Would you Φ speak more slowly, please?

9. We may Φ go to Argentina for our vacation.

10. Will you please Φ mail this letter for me?

11. Tom and I might to play tennis after work tomorrow.

12. You had better to see a doctor.

13. We can Φ go shopping tomorrow.

14. The students have to take a test next Friday.

15. I have got to go to the post office this afternoon.

16. Shouldn’t you Φ save a little money for a rainy day?

17. Poor Edward. He has to go to the hospital for an operation.

18. Alex! Stop! You must not Φ run into the street when there’s traffic!

19. May I please to have the salt and pepper? Thanks.

20. You’d better not to come to the meeting late. The boss will Φ be angry if you’re late.

21. I’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping the last few nights. I’ve got to got a good night’s sleep! I can barely to stay awake in class.


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